The second china commercial space summit forum

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission formally approved the “Wuhan National Aerospace Industrial Base Implementation Plan”. Wuhan National Aerospace Industrial Base will give priority to the development of space launch vehicles and launch services, satellite platforms and load, space information application services and other leading industries, based on fast boat launch vehicle for small satellites to provide cheap fast responsive commercial space development service. In order to further effectively support the continuous development of China’s commercial aerospace industry, to share the domestic commercial space industry technology, business model and management concepts, build commercial space new format, the second China Business Aerospace Forum to “help industry development, build a new format of commercial space” as the theme will be held on September 12 in Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

The forum focused on commercial space development policies and mechanisms, commercial delivery and launch services, commercial satellite R&D and operation, commercial satellite application practice, commercial space investment and financing mode. At the forum, industry leaders gather together and build consensus to promote the process of commercial space. And the experts come together to share the knowledge of innovation practice in key area and work together to promote a win-win situation and to create a sound process.

The organizers will invite government decision-makers, executives, business executives, technical experts and investors in the capital area to participate in the sharing of technology innovation application practice, the promoting of business model innovation fusion, and the knowledge of the industry development strategy.